Relapse is a common problem for anyone in recovery. In fact, experts don’t consider it the end of recovery, but simply a part of it. Facing setbacks is totally normal. However, if you can avoid them and stay sober for life, that’s always preferable. At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we know how difficult early recovery can be. For that reason, we provide an aftercare treatment program that keeps our clients accountable and gives them the continuing support that they need.

Why an Aftercare Treatment Program is Important

4 friends celebrate in aftercare treatmentImmediately following residential rehab or outpatient treatment, many clients feel invincible. However, upon re-entering the real world, they have to face a number of triggers and situations that may cause them to want to use drugs or alcohol again. Aftercare can help combat these potential setbacks.

The staff at The Hills does everything in their power to ensure that clients are able to stay connected to the hard work they’ve done in treatment while in early recovery. The first weeks and months back home are a crucial time and set the tone for long-term recovery. To make this time period easier, we create personalized, detailed plans that help clients face daily temptations.

The Hills Outpatient Treatment Aftercare Program

Our specialized aftercare treatment program gives clients access to aftercare tools 24/7/365. We help them set their goals and reach these goals through regular check-ins, reminders, and follow-ups. They’re able to see and access their plans and goals at any time. Having an aftercare program at their fingertips makes it easier to see the big picture and avoid temptations. It’s our goal to empower them to do just this, so they can stay on track for a lifetime of sobriety.

Continue Your Active Recovery with The Hills

Addiction treatment and recovery should follow you throughout your life. Just because you leave a facility doesn’t mean you’re finished with treatment. Finding an addiction treatment facility that will help you stay sober through a comprehensive aftercare program is crucial to your lifelong recovery journey. Our specialized tools give our clients the best aftercare resources that addiction treatment has to offer.

To learn more about our aftercare program or speak to someone about outpatient treatment, contact us today at 866-777-0427. We’ll get you on the road to recovery.