Alcohol addiction is a growing problem in the United States. Part of the reason why this addiction keeps spreading is that society accepts the habit. Whether people consider themselves social or binge drinkers, alcohol addiction is real. Thankfully, outpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles at The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center can help them overcome addiction.

Why People Should Seek Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

group therapy during outpatient alcohol rehab at the hills outpatient centerAlcohol addiction can cause many problems for those who it affects. For example, it can make drinkers forget or fail to fulfill responsibilities such as going to work. They may even fail to care for their families.

Alcohol addiction also causes a slew of health problems. Studies show that binge drinking can lead to mouth and throat cancers. Heavy drinking also destroys the liver and other vital organs in the body.

Heavy drinking isn’t a victimless crime. The majority of car crashes happen because of drunk driving. Experts even point out that many assault cases, both domestic and public, start after heavy drinking.

What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

Obviously, not everyone who has a drink has an addiction. Why is it that some people develop an addiction while others don’t? Unfortunately, experts don’t know all of the factors that go into causing alcohol addiction. However, some of them include:

  • Genetics
  • Mental health
  • Upbringing
  • Social environment

It’s also important to note that people don’t usually have an addiction right away. They develop a substance abuse problem first. Substance abuse differs from addiction because people remain in control of their actions. Once addiction sets in, they lose control.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a real concern, but people can look for signs of alcohol abuse to prevent addiction from developing. For example, those who regularly miss school, work or other obligations and also drink on a regular basis might have a drinking problem. Drinking alone should also throw up red flags.

Look for people who store alcohol in unusual places. Hiding their drinking in this way is usually a sign of a problem. Also, people who black out or frequently forget events might have a drinking problem.

Get Help for Your Alcohol Addiction at The Hills Outpatient Center

You shouldn’t try to overcome alcohol addiction on your own. It’s a serious threat that can put you and your loved ones at risk. At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we offer both alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatments, including:

An outpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles is a great option for people who value their freedom or are stepping down from inpatient rehab. This type of addiction rehab is also ideal for people who can’t afford inpatient rehab. Because of the lower cost of outpatient treatment, insurance companies are more likely to help cover the cost.

Fight back against your addiction so that you can live a normal life. Find out more about outpatient treatment and how such a program can help you. Contact The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center today at (866) 777-0427 for more information.