Paying for treatment is one of the biggest worries that people have going into rehab. At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we understand that paying for rehab is a real concern. Most people don’t understand, however, that they have a lot of options. Understanding all of the options is a great way to see that rehab is within reach.

Insurance Coverage

man talks to his therapist about Paying for RehabMany people don’t believe that their insurance policies will cover much or any of their rehab stay. However, insurance companies are more likely to foot the bill for outpatient treatment than inpatient treatment. People should check their policies to see whether or not their insurance providers cover outpatient rehab.

At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we work closely with insurance providers. Our goal is to provide help to more people. We also have a Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) certification. This certification allows us to utilize PRO health insurance to cover the cost of your treatment services.

Paying for Rehab With Savings

Most people have a savings or rainy day fund. Suffering from addiction definitely qualifies as having a “rainy day.” While most people don’t want to use up their savings, getting drug treatment is a sound financial decision. Without treatment, they’re likely to spend their money on drugs anyway and could lose their jobs.

Also, paying for outpatient treatment is more affordable than some people think. When they enroll in an outpatient program, they don’t live at the rehab center. Instead, they get to continue living at home and going to work. This freedom makes rehab way more affordable for individuals who have to pay for it out of pocket.

Getting a Loan

In some cases, people don’t have any savings or they’ve spent it all on satisfying their drug addiction. In these cases, they have the option to borrow money from either an institution or a family member. Family members want to see loved ones get better and often put money on the line to see it happen.

People can also choose to get personal or medical loans. These types of loans generally have favorable interest rates and are a great way to pay for rehab up front. To take this approach, however, people need to have good to excellent credit.

Get the Help That You Need at The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center

At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we want to see you get the help that you deserve. We accept many different types of payments to open the door to more clients. We work with insurance providers to make our services more affordable. We also offer outpatient treatment, which is more affordable than inpatient treatment.

The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center puts quality first. For us, it’s not about turning a big profit. It’s about getting you the help that you need.

We offer a variety of unique treatment options, which we use to create custom treatment plans. Some of these services include:

• Individual therapy
• Family therapy
• Relapse prevention
• Group therapy

Don’t spend another day worrying about paying for rehab. Visit The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center to see how affordable we make drug treatment. Contact us today at (866) 777-0427 for more information.