People often confuse substance abuse and addiction. While the two conditions are similar, they’re different problems. At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we understand that they aren’t one and the same. We offer unique substance abuse treatments that differ from our addiction programs.

How Do Substance Abuse and Addiction Differ?

Now that we know that substance abuse and addiction aren’t the same, how are they different? With substance abuse, people choose to abuse a substance for whatever reason. With addiction, they no longer have a choice and are slaves to the substance. Most of the time, substance abuse turns into addiction when people don’t get help.

Substance Abuse Treatments That Get to the Root Cause

group learning about Substance Abuse Treatments at The Hills Outpatient CenterThe main goal at The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center is to get to the root cause of substance abuse before it turns into a full blown addiction. People typically abuse drugs for a particular reason. Sometimes it’s because they’re under stress at work or school. Other times, they want to fit in a certain social environment.

We make it our mission to get to the root cause of substance abuse and stop it in its tracks. Failure to deal with the root cause won’t help people overcome their drug problems. Not treating the root cause is a lot like treating the symptoms of a disease but not the actual disease.

Substance Abuse Signs

The best thing that family and friends can do for someone who suffers from substance abuse is get them help. It doesn’t take long for substance abuse to turn into a full-blown addiction. Some substance abuse signs include:

  • Decreased interest in hobbies
  • Increased alcohol or drug use
  • Failing to complete family responsibilities
  • Not showing up for work or school

Get Help at The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center

At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we put your needs first. Our goal is to get you the help that you need to stop substance abuse in its tracks. To do this, we offer each of our clients a unique treatment plan. Some of the services that we may combine in an intensive outpatient program include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Relapse prevention

We work closely with you to find out which kind of treatment programs work the best. Our staff is here to evaluate your progress and make changes as necessary. Our outpatient program also gives you more freedom than an inpatient program.

Don’t waste another moment of your life dealing with addiction alone. Learn what it takes to stop substance abuse for good. Let The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center lead you down the path to recovery. Contact us today at (866) 777-0427.