From use to abuse to dependence, the cycle of drug addiction is relentless. Once on this destructive path, people with addictions can ruin their finances, destroy their relationships and reduce their desire to be a happy, productive member of society. People often try to stop this destructive cycle on their own, usually without success. In most cases these individuals require professional drug addiction treatment.

The Symptoms of Addiction

people hold hands in drug addiction treatmentYou may have first tried alcohol or a particular substance in a social situation. Or maybe you were going through a painful part of your life and wanted to numb yourself.

Whatever your initial reason, you got something positive out of the experience: a high, the ability to focus better, to relax with others or reduce your anxiety. The benefits of the drug compelled you to use it again and then repeatedly. Over time, all you could think about was how to get more. Even if that meant stealing, lying or engaging in risky behaviors, the need became so strong that you believed you had no choice.

Your friends and family may have begun to notice several symptoms that are characteristic of those addicted to alcohol or drugs:

  • Mood swings
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Secretive behaviors
  • No longer doing things you once loved
  • Associating with a new crowd of people
  • Erratic behavior
  • Financial troubles
  • Extreme lapses in judgment

Not everyone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol exhibits all of these symptoms, but one or many of them may become apparent over time.

Stop the Cycle of Addiction

If alcohol or other substances are destroying your life, infringing on your goals and alienating you from the people you love, it’s time to reach out for help and drug addiction treatment. Attempting to grapple with a full-blown addiction on your own is like trying to catch a tiger by its tail. Without compassionate support from professionals who understand the full scope of the addiction that has its hold on you, the chances of a full recovery are low. That’s because your addiction is far more than just a physical need for your drug of choice. It has its roots in things that may have happened to you years ago, and its tentacles are wrapped around every aspect of your physical, mental and social life.

A Drug Addiction Treatment Program You Can Trust

Perhaps you have heard horror stories about addiction treatment centers. Someone you know may have gone to a facility and been treated like an anonymous number. At The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center, we treat all of our clients as the individuals that they are.

Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate and every person is different. Therefore, their treatment should be individualized. We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment options, including the following:

  • Holistic Therapy
  • Pet-assisted Therapy
  • Experiential Treatment
  • Behavioral Therapy

Our outpatient center is in the Melrose district of Los Angeles, giving you a central place to begin or continue your journey in drug addiction treatment. You’ll spend your days receiving top-notch care from our compassionate staff before spending your evenings in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t let addiction rule your life for another day. The Hills Outpatient Center can help you recover and begin anew through our intensive outpatient program. Contact us today at 866-777-0427.