In the United States, few drugs are as out of control as heroin. Thousands of people start using it every year. To make matters even worse, many of them never get help from a heroin addiction treatment program in CA. Without a comprehensive California addiction treatment center, many of these individuals risk being trapped in the cycle of addiction for the rest of their lives.

What Is Heroin?

heroin addiction treatment program in ca the hills outpatientHeroin is a derivative of morphine, which comes from opium. However, it’s much more addictive than morphine partially because of its potency. Doctors say that it’s around two to three times more potent than morphine. This high potency is one of the factors that hooks people on the drug.

Heroin causes a rush of euphoria in the user. It’s a Schedule I drug, so there are no acceptable medical uses for it.

The more that people use it, the more they need to get the same high. However, no matter how much they take, they will never achieve the same high that they experienced the first time. In fact, this is where the term “chasing the dragon” comes from.

When Does Heroin Withdrawal Start?

Heroin doesn’t stay in the body for very long. Once it’s out, people start to crave the drug, which is a sign of withdrawal. In general, withdrawal symptoms start within 24 to 48 hours of the last dose of heroin.

It’s very important that people enroll in a detox program before withdrawal starts. Only a proper detox center can give those going through withdrawal the support that they need to overcome addiction.

Once detox ends, they still need the support of a heroin addiction treatment program in CA. It can teach them the ins and outs of controlling addiction. The life skills that they learn can help them avoid relapse later.

Why Do People Need a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program in CA?

The real reason people need a heroin addiction treatment program in CA is because heroin is extremely addictive. Without a professional and comprehensive addiction treatment program, they risk never recovering from addiction. California provides the perfect backdrop to begin this journey.

Californian addiction treatment facilities provide plenty of support from both the staff and other clients who seek treatment at the facility. People often take great comfort in the fact that they’re not alone in their addiction. Only a rehab center can provide this type of support system.

A heroin addiction treatment program in CA can also help people avoid relapse. The temperate weather and gorgeous landscapes in California are perfect for adventure and exercise therapy. The skills learned in these programs can go on to help a client cope with stress and prevent relapse long after they leave a facility.

Turn to The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center

The outpatient drug rehab Los Angeles offers at The Hills Outpatient is often the best resource for people who struggle with heroin addiction. It gives people the freedom that they need to thrive while still providing support for overcoming addiction.

This heroin addiction treatment program in CA offers a wide range of services. Our top goal is to create a heroin addiction treatment program that addresses the cause of your addiction. We also aim to prepare you for the stresses of life so that you can stay sober. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t let your addiction to heroin send you to an early grave. Find a heroin addiction treatment program to fit your needs in California. Call The Hills Outpatient Treatment Center today at 866-777-0427.